Monday, 3 April 2017

Anonymous Vs Known


I have been thinking over the weekend about starting to let family and friends know about my blog.

As of now I don't do it so much anonymously as I don't hide who we all are. But no one I know (as far as I know) reads this blog. I'm also not sure I want them to know or read it lol. What if they think its rubbish and laugh at me! but then what if they think its a good idea!!

I'm not really sure of the pros to be honest and I'm not really sure of the cons. One con I do know if is that I don't want them to make fun of me. I mean I know my parents and partner wouldn't (even though I'm pretty sure Mark has seen some of it) but what about everyone else...

A pro I can think of just now is I can talk freely on here! I can say what I want and talk about things I maybe can't or don't feel comfortably talking about with people face to face! Do I want people to be able to read that kind of stuff and either be offended or upset I couldn't talk to them. No I don't.

I don't hide it as it is. Everyone has heard me talking about blogging and videos but its not like I have offered up the links or addresses for people to see.

What do you think? Should I start letting people in or keep them out??

Suppose this is more for advice than an actual blog this week. Which BTW I am also struggling with come up with stuff to blog about! That is so unlike me! I normally have a huge list!!


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