Monday, 10 April 2017

Kids Growing Up


I have always been told and there for taught how to raise my children (to an extent). Having had Holly my first at the age of 24 (quite young), I learnt how to pretty much raise her from the Internet, blogs, vlogs and Youtube channels (also me mum! she isn't included in this though!).

I learnt about getting them fully weaned and off the bottle by 1 year old so that you don't have issues with their teeth (then I let her sook her finger which will cause worse problems when shes older!). I learnt about the naughty step and glitter jars (nothing wrong with this part. I still use it). I also learnt about routine and had her (and Charlotte) sleeping all through the night by 3 months. Then both of them were into the cot by 4 and 5 months in their own room.

Recently though, after joining the Channel Mum facebook page and seeing all these other mum having problems with their kids sleeping, not eating well and having just general issues, I have came to a conclusion.

My kids are my kids. Holly wont always want to come cuddle at night and she wont always be trying to sneak into my bed. Charlotte wont always be a baby and is already 7 months and just growing up way to fast. I am at work from 5am - 1pm (which to be fair I should be doing just now!). I miss out on a lot of their days and general growing up. I try to minimise this as much as possible, hence starting at 5am when they are all still asleep. But I still miss out on a fair chunk.

If Holly wants to sneak into my bed for cuddles at night, she is more than welcome to. She wont always want to do this (at 15 years old, then we can call it a problem). If I need to miss mopping the floor one week because Charlotte is awake, in a good mood and wants to play and laugh, so what. My house wont always be messy with kids toys. An when that day comes, I am going to feel so empty inside, knowing I didn't play with the kids or concentrate on them as they were growing, because I needed to clean the house in case anyone came round. Don't get me wrong not mopping and cleaning most nights will be hard to deal with at first (OCD much) but I will do it. I want to see my kids grow and I want to spend as much time with them as possible (even if that means getting punched, kicked and slapped all night).

Thanks Internet for teaching me something useful (for a change!)

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Monday, 3 April 2017

Anonymous Vs Known


I have been thinking over the weekend about starting to let family and friends know about my blog.

As of now I don't do it so much anonymously as I don't hide who we all are. But no one I know (as far as I know) reads this blog. I'm also not sure I want them to know or read it lol. What if they think its rubbish and laugh at me! but then what if they think its a good idea!!

I'm not really sure of the pros to be honest and I'm not really sure of the cons. One con I do know if is that I don't want them to make fun of me. I mean I know my parents and partner wouldn't (even though I'm pretty sure Mark has seen some of it) but what about everyone else...

A pro I can think of just now is I can talk freely on here! I can say what I want and talk about things I maybe can't or don't feel comfortably talking about with people face to face! Do I want people to be able to read that kind of stuff and either be offended or upset I couldn't talk to them. No I don't.

I don't hide it as it is. Everyone has heard me talking about blogging and videos but its not like I have offered up the links or addresses for people to see.

What do you think? Should I start letting people in or keep them out??

Suppose this is more for advice than an actual blog this week. Which BTW I am also struggling with come up with stuff to blog about! That is so unlike me! I normally have a huge list!!


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