Saturday, 3 December 2016

EOTS Day 2,3,4 And Holly Christmas Fair 2016


Tinker Pants Floppy Feet has been up to some stuff these last few days!

Day 2 - He decided to waste and entire tub of cake sprinkles (much to my OHs dismay) and make 'Elf Angles' in the kitchen!

Day 3 - We come down stairs and hes hanging from the ceiling light! with ANNA. Now the question is, did he put Anna up there or was he trying to save her??

Day 4 - Tinker Pants is riding Pinkie Pie about the living room!! Don't think Pinkie will be very happy. She might just set her minions on him 'Ponies Revenge ;)'

December 3rd was also the school fair at Holly's school. All the classes including Holly's nursery class made different things for everyone to buy. I made melted snowmen cakes to take down.

The nursery class made Reindeer Dust, Snowman Soups and Santa's key to get into the house with. All 3 of the kids got there photo took with Santa (Santa insisted on holding baby c) and they were all spoilt with cakes sweets and goodies.

Poor baby c though got too hot in her snow suit and had a flair up of her rash. She also has another cold, and her dry skin round her joints has gotten worse. So I think it will be a trip to the docs with her. I would put manuka honey on her, but that's a bit sticky even for me haha.

Mr and Mrs T Plus Three

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