Thursday, 1 December 2016

Elf On A Shelf Day 1 and A Hobby Craft Christmas Advent Calendar 2016


IT is finally December 1st (because I haven't been waiting all year for this) and it can only mean one thing. MY BIRTHDAY IS TOMORROW :) I will be the ripe old age of 28! Not like my other half who will be 30 next month!!

But December 1st also means ADVENT CALENDARS and ELF ON SHELF and CHRISTMAS!!!

I always said 'How can Christmas with kids be better!! What about my presents' (I'm an only child and was / still am pretty spoilt. I do appreciate it a lot more now though than I did) But Christmas with the kids is the BEST EVER!! Seeing their little faces on Christmas day and the count down!! Oh I love the count down!!

This year I got a Hobby craft advent calendar to make for her. While its a great idea, it took ages to freaking do! Now that I'm old, my back was killing me (How I will cope with wrapping all the presents this year I have no idea!) But Holly likes it.

Also found these playmobile advents!! So I got one for Harry and Holly. He can catch up with his at the weekends.

Now we also have ELF ON A SHELF! OK so he's not the actual Elf on a shelf. But it hasn't arrived yet. So Tinker Pants Floppy Feet is subbing for him till he arrives. Not sure Holly really understood what he was yet, But I'm sure she will get it when he decorated the tree in her pants or uses her ponies to help him ski!!

Last night Tinker pants Floppy feet landed, left a note for Holly AND left some elf snow with foot prints in it. Stay tuned for the rest of December!

An I am SO using the 'You better be good because the elf is watching you' OR 'Eat that food, The elf is watching you'

What do you do at this time of the year with your kids?


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