Wednesday, 30 November 2016

To Refer Or Not To Refer

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Today we we given Holly's application form for her to start school!

But because Holly's birthday is in February (27th so right at the end), they are suggesting we hold her back or refer her a year. So instead of starting school at 4 years old August 2017. She wouldn't start till she was 5 years old 2018.

This is all because Holly is quite shy and she doesn't like big groups of kids. she prefers playing with one or two kid at a time to playing a big groups. Now I personally don't see anything wrong with that. However the school want to keep her back for her to gain confidence with groups of kids.

Last year when Holly was in Anti Pre School. She was friends with a little girl called Sophie. When My OH dropped Holly off, Sophie would be waiting on her at the door. When I picked Holly up, Sophie would bring Holly over to me. They we very friendly. But Sophie was the year above Holly. So after the summer holidays when Holly went back, Sophie wasn't there. She had moved onto P1.

So when everyone went back, Holly was back to square one with no one she really wanted to play with. So she attached herself to Sophie's little brother Daniel. he doest wait on her all the time like his big sister. But I do know they play together a lot and he will shout bye to her or wait for her if he sees her coming into class behind him. If I hold her back a year, after the summer holidays, she will be back to square one with non in her class she know. This in my opinion wont help her confidence with groups of kids.

Learning wise, she is up to scratch. Can can count to 10 now and she has started her ABC's. She loves singing Once I Caught A Fish Alive. But because she doesn't like groups of kids, they want to hold her back a year.

I however don't want to hold her back. Surly if her work is up to scratch then why would we hold her back? OK she doesn't like groups of kids, lots of kids talk to her but she only really wants to play with Daniel, she likes to play on her own, So what? It doesn't seem to bother her. She prefers to play on her own. She always has, even at our childminders. She would play with the other kids for a while, but she preferred her own company. I still do not see this as a reason to hold her back.

Then I have the problem of, she isn't in her catchment nursery. When we applied for nurseries, we had our catchment school nursery as our first choice. But they gave us our second choice outwith our catchment. Its easier for them to get into schools in their catchment. That's why we applied for it. So she was already in that nursery going up into school with her friends. But since she is out with her catchment, its harder to get her into the school that her current nursery is in.

If they don't let her into this school she will need to start a brand new school, with new students and teachers that she has never seen or met before. She will freak out. So because of this I think maybe I should hold her back a year in case this happens, But I don't want her to go back to nursery with her current friends moving on and shes not.

But what if she had been born on her original due date instead of early which was 2nd of march. She wouldn't have had a choice to stay back and she would have had to cope with going into P1 regardless of her confidence in big groups.

I have put on her application form that her current nursery is the only choice we have as you can put in another 2 in case she doesn't get her first. But she needs to get her first. IT was the council that put her into that nursery school in the first place! why shouldn't she now be allowed to move up with her friends and teachers!

I can see us having a fight on our hands with this one.

Have any of you had these problems? Leave me a comment and let me know. Any and all advice is appreciated!!


P.s Sorry this is long and blah blah. Its just everything spilled out of my head and onto a computer lol
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  1. I think I would want more information from the nursery. Could you ask for a second opinion e.g. an observation from someone from an outside agency? I hope you find a solution. But as a teacher I do agree that children that lack confidence often need more time to develop and this can benefit them throughout their school life. Instead of playing catch up they have grown and developed more skills to deal with school life better. Thank you for linking up to #ablogginggoodtime 🎉