Wednesday, 2 November 2016

Hospital Stay!!


This full week has been such a rollercoaster!!

A week ago (16.10.16) Charlotte developed a bad cough. That bad that she would at times choke and throw up. We phone NHS24 as our GP isn't open weekends and they sent us to the out of hours doctors at our local hospital at about 10am. We were told she had a common cold and to go home.  

On a normal 12hrs she will take normally about 12-16oz of milk, with some feeds in between from me as well. However, on Sunday she had only had 4 and a half oz, which at 10pm she decided to throw it all up over me! At that point, my OH phoned NHS24 back and we got an appointment for 11:30pm. 

When we got there, again I was told that she had a common cold but due to her temp being 38.9c, it was guidelines to get her checked. But don't worry she will be fine. 

1hr later she was getting blood taken from her hands, they were trying to put one of those little taps into her hand to give her fluids if she needed them and they were talking about lumber punctures!! So much for the common cold!!

We were kept in for 3 days and got out on Wednesday. During those 3 days, she had her nose suctioned every 2hrs to the point where her nose was bleeding due to irritation, she was getting paracetamol ever 4hrs, she was on oxygen and she had a feeding tube through her nose. 

It wasn't until I look at this photo that I realize just how ill she actually was.
 This was Monday morning. She looks so ill.

The common cold had turned broculitic due to her being only 5 weeks and not being able to fight off the cold. While we were in there, another 2 babies were taken in with the same issues and another baby we know has also been taken in with it!! 

Here is a photo now of her for comparison. 
 This was her on Tuesday morning. Look at the difference!

It's just so scary how they can get so ill so fast!! 

She will have a cough and be a bit snotty for a few weeks but thankfully her appetite is back and she's eating her normal 12oz sometimes more!!
 Back home!

Speak soon!!
L x

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