Sunday, 6 November 2016

Happy Halloween!! 2016


This year Holly had a Halloween party at her nursery!

She got to choose her outfit and eventually (Holly hates choices), picked a pumpkin dress from Asda (even though I liked the gold and black bat!).

It was also Charlottes first Halloween. So we had to get her a My First Halloween outfit to wear then keep in her first box. Which is actually a bag just now until I get a nice box.

We didn't take Holly Trick or Treating this year, as Charlotte is still getting over her cold and my OH was working. She wasn't amused let's say when she realized people came to the door for sweets.
Holly wouldn't chap people's doors anyway, I would have had to do it! So next year is a promise. I will take her out!!

Here are some photos of the two of them!!


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