Monday, 28 November 2016

A Life Update 28.11.16

Well Hello!

It feels like it has been ages since I last blogged or done anything to do with blogging!

What has happened lets see!

I will be 28 on the 2nd of December. Hopefully will get the books and salt lamp I have been hinting at my OH to get me! Very slim chance if I'm going to be honest ha ha.

We have our new addition baby Charlotte-Willow. She is now nearly 3 months old! Geeze! she will be in a crib soon and we will be starting to wean. Scary. She is already sleeping mostly through the whole night. Last feed at 7pm, she was getting at at 5am. But over the last week she has been sleeping till 6 or 7am. Which I am not complain about! Some people say 'OMG THAT'S TOO LONG, WAKE HER UP FOR A FEED' and I say 'I am not waking a sleeping baby'
Lets face it if she was that hungry she would wake up herself. She is very good at going to sleep as well. Most of the time I can just lay her in the bed and she will nod off on her own. sometimes if its still light or she is overly tired (she does like to fight her sleep), I will stick one of my fingers in her mouth and she will suck on that for a few mins and fall over. She wont take dummies. I don't know if its something to do with being breastfed (which has now stopped! stupid body!) but she just spits them out. She much prefers your fingers.

Holly is just such a character now as well. Told me last night I had no patience! your 3 how do you even know what that means! Told me the other day she was a little nervous. Again your 3! She is a lot better at eating now too. For a while I thought she was going to turn into a HUGE super noodle. But we eat sausage rolls, pizza and chicken nuggets now too.

I know I said that she would be my last pregnancy. But I just don't feel done. But I will be done unless I become a millionaire over night, one of us gets a massive pay rise or someone dies ha ha.
Unless we can extend this house (which I would actually quite like to do) or buy a bigger house I cant fit anyone else in.

So I am currently on maternity leave. Planning on going back for 2 days a week in January. Then full time in February again. I was hoping my OH was going to get an amazingly paid job so I didn't need to go back. But that doesn't look like its going to happen ha ha.

I was thinking thought (and I'm sure I have mentioned before) I would quite like to go to uni and study to be a midwife on the wards. But again, My OH would need to make enough money for me to leave full time work and that just doesn't look like its going to happen in the next 2 months!

I have stared trying to make exciting videos on my youtube channel. Just when we go out places. I am trying to work up the nerve to actually talk to the camera. But that's not happened yet. Its because I'm Scottish!! I HATE the sound of my voice on camera!!

I think that is it just now!!

Speak soon

My Petit Canard

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  1. oh Congrats on you new little darling, I don't think I'll ever stop wanting another baby, but I know I won't be having one, sad.

    Holly sounds like a sweetheart they do learn things so quickly don't they! Enjoy your maternity leave xx #MarvMondays