Wednesday, 12 October 2016

Everything Has Changed - Youtube Video

Well hello there!!

I recently (well actually today) posted a video to my youtube channel.
Just some clips of our day. A sort of A Day In The Life type video.

Yes everything has changed because of that small person in this photo :)

You can check it out here

Leave me a comment and we can chat :)

Speak soon

Monday, 10 October 2016

Welcome To The World Baby Charlotte Willow

Long time no speak or type or read haha

It has now been a month since my second born Charlotte was born and I thought it was time to get back into the swing of things.

Baby Charlotte Willow was born 8th September 2016 via c-section. We had the choice to go naturally or have the section. We decided to wait 3 days past our due date on the 5th September, but she was holding on tight! So we were sectioned on the 8th.

I won't go into the labour, that's a whole other post!! coming soon by the way :)

She was born at 9:57 which is really weird as Holly was born at 9:56!! Charlotte weighed in at 9lb6.5oz! I am so glad I did not need to push her out haha! I mean that is a chunk of a weight! She was only 51cm though. Looking at her she didn't really look 9lbs to be honest. My OH reckons it was all the milk I drank, gave her bones of steel haha

there was another shocker along with the weight, which was she was born with a full head of BROWN hair!! I think because Holly was blonde we were just expecting another blonde baby. Then she pops out with a full frow of brown hair!! So we had to bin all our names as they were all suited to a blonde baby in out opinion!

I really liked Willow but my OH didn't. So we compromised with Charlotte Willow :) which I think it a lovely name. Charlotte did take a bit to grow on me. Mostly because I never really thought of it as being a name I would consider. But here we are, I have a baby Charlotte!!

Hopefully, I will now start getting posts up regular like again :)

Speak soon Lx

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