Sunday, 4 September 2016

Pokemon Hunting At Edinburgh Zoo Vlog

Well hello!!!

Tuesday last week was an exciting day ( I know I know but I'm on maternity leave ok!)
We went Pokemon hunting at Edinburgh Zoo!! Just like all the other zoos. They have now opened twice late for 2hrs for people to go Pokemon hunting.

It's only £5 per person compared to their normal £25 per adult. So I thought why not. We aren't doing anything else and it gets Holly in to see the animals for a while. Not all the animals were out. But all The ones at the bottom where most of the lures were, were out. So she saw a fair few.

Since it was something exciting, I decided to vlog it :) Check it out here

I think she really enjoyed herself even though she was getting a bit grumpy and tired by the end of it.

Hopefully, our next vlog to be uploaded will be a BIRTH VLOG!!!!

Speak Soon
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