Tuesday, 16 August 2016

Get This Baby Out Of Me

This is a throwback post! As you all know I had my baby in the 8th of September 2016!! I just didn't have time to post this!! Enjoy!
Hello :)

These last 2 weeks (I say 2 I'm anticipating this one too) have been soo bad! I am surprised my other half is even still here and that he and Holly haven't just packed their bags along with the cats and left until baby is born ha.

I am currently 13stone 8lb. Which means I have put on exactly 2 stone from my original weight in. Yes, I know this is normal and that I'm pregnant and that it was my choice but the weight gain thing can be so dishearting when you went to a lot of work last year to lose 2 stone!!

Then there is the mood swings! Do I need to say anything else! poor Holly is getting it tight for things she can't help. The cats are getting it tight for wanting food! How dare they want me to feed them! To be fair, I recently bought gravy food instead of jelly (not that anyone will care lol) and they have been going mental for the stuff. So they are asking every 2 mins for more! Then if TC eats too much (which he always does) he throws up...

I am fed up of not being able to bend down properly, I am fed up of being kicked from the inside out and I am fed up of mu feelings being all over the place.

I have been crying and I don't know what for!! I give my OH permission to slap me next time I say 'I want a baby' I mean a full force slap to remind me what the third trimester and waiting is all about because that's what this feels like, a full body slap!!

On the bright side, though I have finished up and I am on maternity leave. But I have no idea where all the time goes in a day! I still don't seem to get anything done and I am already fed up of having no money!!

Speak soon

*photo courtesy of google images!!

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