Friday, 15 April 2016

Patrick's Been Snipped!!


I vowed after all the hassle I had with Marvin last year (see here, here and here) I wouldn't neuter another Guinea pig. 

But Sheila had another set of babies (Marks fault, I left for one night!!) and they were all girls. So Sheila is now in with the girls 

And poor Patrick is on his own in the small cage as I'm just petrified he gets into the three girls being right next door. 

So the decision was made to neuter him. I went to a different vet this time and all seems to be well. We are on day 2 post op and he's eating, drinking, peeing and pooing. He was operated on on Wednesday and it was weird. They didn't give me any pain meds or antibiotics. And!! It was only £60. 

They said they gave him a dose of pain meds and antibiotics before he left and that he should be fine. I have never had an animal operated on and not need pain meds or antibiotics after it!! But he seems to be doing fine!!

Here is his little cafe at the moment 
He has puppy training pads down so that the sawdust doesn't irritate him and they are easy to change out. 

Incase you didn't know, my pigs live in a hut and pen in the hut in the back garden. The hut has electricity. So we have a heater and lights!!

But so far so good!! If everything keeps up he will be back in with the girls in 6-8weeks time. 

Do you have any experiences with neutering Guinea pigs??

Speak soon 

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  1. Luckily my kids have been satisfied with just a dog so far. We did find a horny toad in the yard the other day that they wanted to keep but I told them it wasn't fair to his family and that seemed to work. Hope you Guinea Pig is healing well and thank you for linking with #momsterslink.