Thursday, 14 April 2016

Holly's Nursery Bag Haul


At Hollys nursery she has a little red bag attached to her coat hook, which you put a change of clothes in for her. Just incase she gets overly messy when painting or wet when playing in the water tank. 

She also has to have a pairs of soft shoes to wear as her indoors shoes. 

So I went shopping :) 

Here are Hollys indoor shoes. Most kids have black. But in Asda at 9pm at night, they didn't have black in her size. So we went with white. 
They have her name written in red (glitter pen of course) because she is in the red group due to being in the afternoon class. An I decorated the heel with a heart :) These were £3.50 from Asda. 

Next we have new socks and pants. I put three pairs of each into her bag. You never know what might happen. 
Pants - Asda £3 for 5 pairs
Socks - Asda £4 for 5 pairs

These two sets of clothes weren't new. There's were clothes that were already in her wardrobe. It was so hard to pick something. Everyone kept saying 'send her in old stuff'. Holly doesn't have old stuff lol. So I though how dirty could she get right! I mean all the stuff she uses will be washable, right....
Unfortunately I don't know the where's or prices these were bought for. I think most of these were gifts from her birthday. 

Everything that we took to nursery has her name in marker on the tag. Just incase it goes walkabout. 

What did you put in your kids bag?? Does your kid have a bag?? 

Speak soon 
L x

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  1. Both the preschool and elementary school only ask for a change of clothes in case of an accident and that's it which makes it easy on this mommy since I have 3 to tend to. You seem well prepared! And good idea to put her name on stuff because yes it does get misplaced. Thanks so much for linking with #momsterslink. Hope you have joined me again this week!