Monday, 25 April 2016

Liebster Award Nominations


I was recently nominated for the Leibster Award by the lovely blog of Little Miss Out And About.

The Liebster Award is given to bloggers to help them to build their blog communities by giving each other some questions for the nominated bloggers to answer. Then they can make up their own questions and nominate others :) After answering these questions, I am meant to nominate 5 blogs / bloggers with under 1000 subs. (But we all know I'm a rebel or so i like to think :) ) that's just so hard. So instead I am going to nominate 5 of my fav blogs of this week!!

So here goes!

1. Champagne or Prosecco?
Hmmmm I don't drink alcohol but I would say prosecco as it sounds fancier.

2. Park or Playcentre?
Defiantly the park! I love being outside

3. Film or tv boxset?
Film, I rarely fins the time to watch a boxset anymore

4. Cbeebies or NickJr?
NickJr!! Puffing Rock and Driftwood Bay are my favs

5. Victoria Sponge or chocolate cake?
Victoria sponge. I could eat a full cake on my own

6. City break or hit the beach?
Beach! Nothing better than sitting in the sun with a mocktail and book!

7. Android or iOS?
IOS. Ive just always had one lol

8. Full English or American-style pancakes?
American pancakes! with buttermilk and whipped butter please.

9. Holiday or staycation?
Holiday! Scotland / Britain hardly ever gets nice weather.

10. Chocolate or sweets?
Chocolate!! I LOVE IT!!

Ok so now I nominate
The Mummy Diaries
Joanna Victoria
The Claire Diary
Life As Mum
Kayla Loves

Here are my questions!!

Favourite Blog?
Pepsi or Cola?
First pet?
Books or Films
Favourite Youtube?
Game Of Thrones?
Favourite TV program?
Night out or night in?
Apple or PC?

Have Fun!!


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