Tuesday, 5 April 2016

Doctors - Asthma


I recently caught a cold off of Holly (little germ bag) and as I have asthma, as usual it went into my chest and gave me a chest infection.

I hardly ever go to the GP as i just feel like they don't really listen to me. Tell them my symptoms and its like they just give you stuff to get you out the door. But I went as I was being pestered.

I didn't really want to go to the doctors, as all I would get for it is steroids and antibiotics. Which even though the doctor says is safe, I don't really want to take them. So I put it off for about two weeks and finally went yesterday as it wasn't clearing. 

So since I was pregnant she didn't want to give me steroids. I got some stats took and everything was fine, except my peak flow. This is a device you blow into. Normally I'm anywhere between 500-600 but I was only at 300-350. So she sent me to the hospital. 

This gets me to my point. There was absolutely no need to send me to A&E. The only reason I would need to go there from my experience and with family is when my blood oxygen is low. Normally it sits at 93 - 94 which is good. Anything below 86 they keep you in and nebulise you. My blood oxygen was 90. I kept telling her I felt fine but she insisted I go. 

Now I don't like going to A&E unless it's and emergency. I have been there 3 times before. 1 I had picked up a sickness bug while pregnant with holly. 2 mark was having chest pains and 3 I cut my wrist (by accident) and needed stitches. 

I don't like using the British NHS as its under enough strain as it is with people going for silly things. And I felt like being admitted was a silly reason. I was absolutely fine. It was like no one was listening to me. 

When I got there I had all the same states taken. Blood oxygen, ECG, blood pressure and my peak flow and they got all the same results. 4.5 hours later I got released with out being nebuliser with steroids and antibiotics. The exact things I didn't want. I felt like I totally wasted their time. 

Have any of you had this problem. Where the doctors just won't listen to you?! 

Let me know in the comments below. 
L X 

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