Monday, 21 March 2016

Manuka Honey On A Guinea Pig Wound??!

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Update!! 21.03.16
This post is from April 2015 however i have a lot of these older posts which are sitting in draft and i didn't want to bin them. Marvin did end up dying from complications at the end of 2015. But nt from this same wound!! the Manuka Honey healed this particular wound up wonderfully and i still do this day, say that if it wasn't for this honey he would have died April 2015.

Have fun reading guys and let me know what you thing :)


As you all know I have been having problems with my pigs wound. It won't heal. It keeps going septic and it's just horrible and smelly. 

So we have taken swabs and are waiting to see what that comes back with. The antibiotics have been changed and the dosage upped as they don't seem to be making any difference just now. 

So as a last attempt at trying to stall the infection till the swabs came back, the vet suggested using Manuka Honey.

Manuka honey comes from New Zeland and it comes from trees. People have been using it for centuries to heal infections in wounds. But it is only recently becoming wide spread. 

I know a lot of people have issue with not giving pigs honey. An I was very skeptical to when they told me to pack it inside the wound!!

I am going to be honest I actually seen a difference over night!! 

Manuka honey has a high antiseptic value and has a bacterialside in it. This stuff is used in hospitals to kill off MRSA and MSSA!! If it can heal and kill those bugs. Surly it can work on Marvin. 

I seen some stuff on the internet what wounds in animals look like after using it for a week or so and I didn't believe it.   

Now don't get me wrong this is only my second day of using this. But it is flushing out the dead tissue. Before when you looked at his wound. It was full of greyish white puss and tissue and unless you went sticking cotton buds in there (and even still with a bud) it was super hard to get out. I was squirting iodine in there and nothing was budging. I used it yesterday at about 5:30pm and cleaned it again at 9:30pm and I actually seen a difference. The wound was still greyish green but it was starting to empty. When you squirted the iodine in stuff was coming out!! There was actually a hole starting to open and clear out!! 

In guinea pigs, an abcesse wound is left open to allow drainage and to allow it to heal from the inside out. An I actually have hope now that this might work long enough for us to find out what's inside. 

I am going to take photos ever night until we sort him out to show you the effects it has!! 

Have you ever used or heard of Manuka honey??

Speak soon
L x

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