Thursday, 31 March 2016

Caring For Your Cats

Hello loves,

UPDATE 01.04.16

Our routine has slightly changed again for the care of my cats, as I actually now have a fourth. He is still a kitten at only 4 months old. If you follow me on twitter @workingmumy you will have seen photos of TC (Top Cat). I will do an updated care post soon!

As you all know I love having pets. So today's post will be about how I take care of my cats. 

I have 3 cats. Two adult males called cheety cat and Harley cat. I also have one small female called pickles. 

Cheety cat is medium length furred and is a total pain with tufts. He is brushed nearly every night and he still gets the odd tuft under his chin, at his butt or behind his ears. He has never had to be shaved yet. So I must be doing something right. 

Harley cat is short furred. I still brush him but only once a week or so. 

This is pickles she is also short furred and doesn't require much brushing. 

I would recommend that even if you have a short hair cat to brush them at least once or twice a week as it can reduce fur balls. 

I would like to say my cats get fed 3 times a day lol but in reality it's probably a lot more than that. The two boys possibly get a tin of meat each and pickles only like biscuits. 

Their meat is butchers classic. You can get this from pets at home You can get 24cans for £12 which is a really good deal. Pickles is still on kitten biscuits. I have tried to change her to adult ones since she is over a year old. But they don't agree with her digestive system. So for now she eat Go Cat Kitten

They don't have a water bowl and I know all cats are different and fussy drinkers. They will only drink from running water. So I need to leave the bath tap running for them.

My mums cats will only drink from a vase or the pond!!

The cats have the normal cat toys and a cat scratch post. Not that anyone plays with or uses them!! But they are all there. There are two cream fleaces in the living room for them and these get washed once a week. 

The cats all get wormed once every 3 months. Here is what I use.

They also get fleaed every 3 months. Nothing worse than having to fumigate the house because one of the cats have fleas!! Have a look here.

The most important thing is to get them their injections every 6 months. This not only protects them but protects your pockets! Ask your vet. Most of them have some sort of plan where if you pay £20 a month you get free boosters or reduced price boosters. 

The last most important thing! Insurance!! Get your cat insured. I personally recommend pet plan  as they have always been helpful and I've never had any problem with them. If something goes wrong with your cat, specially if your not insured. It just seems like it's always something major and expensive. So best to be insured! 

Hmmm lastly I always have collers on all of them. This way people know that they belong to someone. If you want to have a name tag on them don't put their name. Just your phone number. Putting down their name could cause problems with other people claiming them to be theirs!!

Ohhh I forgot, microchipping. This is done at the vets. The price varies mine was £10 but your vet could charge anything. At least if your cat goes missing and is found it can be returned to you (even if it doesn't want to be). Please just remember to update these if you move house. So many animals can't be returned to owners as they forget to update these details.

Over all for me for one cat. Microchipping, vaccinations, fleas and worms was about £160 - £200. This all depends on your vets again.

I think that's about it. I could go on and on about cats. But I think that's all the important stuff. If you have any questions. Let me know in the comments and I will try and answer best I can :)

Speak soon
L x
Domesticated Momster


  1. Aww your kitties are adorable. I only have one and she's such a little rockstar. Yes, definitely keeping up to date with their shots is important.

    1. They are luring you into a false sense of security!! haha
      Thanks for reading

  2. Great advice! I would love to have cats but my dog would try to eat them. She chases everything that comes in the yard. Thanks so much for linking up with #momsterslink. So sorry for the delay in commenting as I have been in vacation mode! Hope you will come link up today!

    1. Awwww i love dogs too! just at the moment I'm not sure how one would fit into our lives. But i will have one one day :)
      Thanks for reading

  3. Cute cat! I have 2 cats Miles and Luna, let me know if you'd be interesting in a post about them :) x