Saturday, 12 September 2015

Small Home Sense Haul 25.05.015

Well hello loves.

I was recently watching Zoella and I found out that TKMax  has a home wear store called Home Sense. Since it was bank holiday Monday, I dragged Mark and Holly shopping with me to Edinburgh. 

I only got 3 things. As we don't actually get payed till next week. But I will be back as there are some lanterns I love the look of! 

But today I got this lovely horse India inspired horse he was £14.99
As you can see he is siting in my front window. I normally have flowers but this will be nice for the times I don't have any. There is an elephant and Buddha head I also want. 

I also got 2 candles. The first being this one. 
Sugar citrus. This is a 3 wick candle has a sweet citrus aroma and was only £5.99

The next one was this
This is a single wick candle in mango and coconut. I wasn't sure about this one and I put it back and got it like 3 times before I decided. It's hard to explain. It's sweet and you can definitely smell the coconut. This was only £6.99. 

Everything in the shop looks lovely and it's quite cheap as well which you can't complain about. However, what they have on the shelves is it. It might not be back in stock. So if you see something get it!! 

Have any of you been here before?

Let me know!
L x

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