Wednesday, 19 August 2015

Keeping It Together When Everything Goes Wrong

Well hello loves,

I though I would do this post as I need an outlet and that's what this blog is partly about. Also I don't know, it might help someone else. This is cheesy and I don't want to be preachy, but we will see how this comes out. 

Over the last week it has been so stressful with trying to buy our house and trying to sort out my guinea pig. 

We thought everything was fine and all of a sudden on Tuesday 26.05.14 everything went wrong. 

The guinea pigs wound which I thought was healing great opened back up and showed signs of infection, there was a clanging noise coming off my car and we were told that the solicitor still needed paper work from the bank and we wouldn't be able to sign on Friday for the house. 

I was extremely upset and down feeling. I thought about going to the doctors and trying to get signed off work so I could try and sort everything out. 

I was sitting on the kitchen floor crying on the phone to my mum and Holly came into the kitchen. Holly has only ever seen me crying once before, an when other kids cry round her she doesn't bother with them. 

But she brought me two of her fav teddies that now and then she brought me her blanket that is I think attached to her hand at times and she sat and cuddled me. 

Now to start with this made me worse as  your 2 year old shouldn't have to do that!! Their mum should be a pillar of strength and they should be making everything better, not sitting on the kitchen floor in a mess. 

This made me get up clean myself up and pull myself together. No child should see their mum like that! Once I had sorted my self out I was still pretty down but I started to think about each individual problem. 

No one is waiting to move into our house as we are already buying it and stay in it. So it's not really a big deal if we don't sign for it on Friday, it's still going to be ours. I can't do anything about the back not sending paperwork on time. I have chased them all week. All my stuff is signed and its lost in the post somewhere. 

The paper work they needed I could have the next day to give to them on Thursday. 

Sorted not a big deal. 

The car my dad was going to look at. An you know what if it was expensive I could put it on the credit card and pay it off. We hadn't crashed and the car was still on one piece. It was still drivable. 

The guinea pig was going back to the vets the next day and I decided there and then I would do everything and anything to try and save this little pigs life. 

That lead me to thinking. I am healthy, holly is healthy, mark is healthy and the rest of my family is healthy. We have a house over our heads that would soon enough be ours and I could start re-decorating it as to how I wanted. We are lucky enough to not struggle for money. Yes things are tight, we are a young family starting out but we aren't in poverty.  We have the help and support form our family round us. 

We are in a lot better position than some people. 

This picked me up. Everything that was wrong could be fixed. I just had to get a finger out and do it. 

I suppose what I'm trying to say here is and I know it's hard and cheesy but when you are in that horrible place where it seems like everything is wrong. Think of the positives you have. Think of the people that depend on you. Think of people your life effects and who your behaviour effects. 

I want Holly to grow into a strong young lady who can cope and deal with everything life throws at her. Not to sit on the floor and cry because there's some bad things going on in her life just now. What kind of example was I setting her. I need to teach her to be strong not close in when anything happens. 

We are now on Thursday 28.05.15 and nearly everything is sorted. The car is booked into the garage, I have all my paper work to hand in and the bank is faxing theirs today. The pigs wound is starting to look slightly better. It all wasn't as bad as it seemed. 

You just need to hold on. There is always a light at the end no matter how bad situations are. 

Do you have any advise? 

Speak soon 
L x

P.S we are now in August. we have bought our house, the guinea pig is healed and now has a wifey called sheila. The car is also sorted, very expensive but sorted.  Everything always works out for the best!
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  1. It's hard for your kids to see you cry. But I personally don't think it's a terrible thing. We can still be strong for them, and also be able to express our selves emotionally....aka via crying sometimes. And crying is okay. It's amazing that your 2 year old felt that empathy for you...sometimes that's a hard emotion! Be proud that you taught her something that day - that she can make you smile and she can help you get up again. :) Thanks for linking #famjamlinky!

    1. I am very proud of her. I just hope I can teach her to pick herself up!
      Thanks for reading!

  2. Sometimes we have to just step back and see the glass is half full and get stuck in to fix the rest of the milk that's spilled out. lol Great post. Thanks for linking to Share With Me I hope to see you again soon #sharewithme