Tuesday, 25 August 2015

Goal Setting To Help Keep You Up There

Well hello lovelies!!

I'm having a bad week! I have had two days off work so far but I will be forcing myself to go back tomorrow. 

Some days the only thing that gets me up and dressed is going to work. Once I am there and I am working through the list, I do start to feel a bit better. But the trying to get up bit is the hardest. 

So on days like these I need a goal list as such to work through. Here goes

1. Clean the work tops in the kitchen (pesky cats like to walk about on them with muddy feets) 
2. Hoover all of down stairs 
3. Get Holly ready for Mark to take to the child minder 
4. Attack Holly's room while she is at the child minder (that way I don't have someone taking stuff out the junk bag)
5. Create a loft pile. 
6. Clean, feed and check the animals. 

I find keeping busy in these days help me a lot. Keeps my mind active. I should have seen this coming. My organisation has swirled the last couple of weeks. So here are some goals since I need to get back on top of things 

1. Keep using the planner
2. Start meal planning from Thursday
3. Keep to my cleaning schedule 
3. Keep to my nightly schedule (sorting Holly's bag, sorting Holly's clothes) 
4. Select a new series to watch with mark 
5. Book a table for dinner on Saturday so we can spend some much needed time together. 

With Mark working a Tuesday to Saturday back shit, it's hard to be able to spend time together. Then this week he had to work a Sunday, which I think is when it all got to much. So he has this Saturday off and my mum and dad are watching Holly. 

What do you do when this happens?? 
Let me know my suggestions in the comments. 
Speak soon 
L x
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