Sunday, 2 August 2015

DIY Phone Case

Hello loves!!

I love a good old DIY crafty project!

I seen this on the mumseyeview Chanel.

Phone case - Ebay
Brush - Asda
Glue - Hobbycraft
Paper - Clintons

All you need is a blank clear phone case of your choice. It can be hard or soft. I preferred the hard cases. Some decoupage glue, you can use any glue but it must dry clear. Paper of your choice. This is just wrapping paper from Clinton's. 

First you want do trace round your phone into the paper. Best to trace the phone and not the case or it will end up too big. 

Paint your chosen glue into the inside of the phone case. An stick your cut out phone trace onto the inside of the phone case. 

An voila!!
Your lovely 5 minute phone case!! 
You can now stick anything onto the front of it if you would like. 

Let me know if you try it and let me see it on Twitter @workingmumy #5minphonecase

Speak soon
L x

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