Friday, 3 July 2015

The Start Of Our Summer Holidays

Well hello lovelies!!

It's the start of Holly's summer holidays!

I have a half day on Monday and then that's me off for two weeks as well!! Unfortunately Mark couldn't get the same holidays as me. The only reason I took them now as Holly's childminder is off. An social services won't let me leave her alone!! Haha just kidding hehe. 

So today being Friday 03.07.15 we went a walk with the dogs!! Here are some photos. 

This took ages to get!! 

Some lovely pink wild flowers

Mark and I

The kids sitting in a bench


Holly trying to catch up

Someone has carved this on the top of a dead tree

My little family 

Wild honeysuckle. I love honeysuckle!!

Harry with his stick

Playing with the dogs


Mr Frog!

Some fungus on a tree I thought was look!!

So that's the photos from the start of our holidays!! 

I am going to try and do something a little different with her everyday!! 

What are you doing for your holidays??

Speaks soon 
L x

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