Monday, 13 July 2015

Book Review - Pentimento

Hello loves,

Today I am going to do a book review on Pentimento by Cameron Jace  

I started this just over a week ago and I loved it all the way through. I wouldn't change anything about this book. 

To be honest I have had this book for about 2 years just sitting on my kindle account. I bought it to use up a gift card I had been given one Christmas and I was never interested in starting it. 

When I started it, it was because I didn't have any money to go buy the next one in the series that I had been reading. So I though I would use up a few I had sitting. I am so glad I did!! 

This book is about a new America called the second. It follows our main girl Iris and her best friend Zoe. In this world any 17 year old at any point can be called to the Beasts. These are creatures that rule their world but no one has ever seen before. Once the girl is called she is named the bride and disappears into their ship never to be seen again. 

When Iris's crushes girlfriend is taken to be a "bride", she manages to befriend him and start looking for answers. Who is the beasts? Why do they rule? What was the world like before? This then leads to one of the best stories with a great twist, that I have read for a long time. 

I'm not going to give away any spoilers in this review.

I think if I had actually thought about this book I would maybe have guessed the twist. This as I said though was a filling in a space book and I didn't actually think about it much. I just read and I think that's the best way to read. Do think or try to puzzle it out. Just read and see where it takes you :) 

Please let me know if you try this out or have you read it?? What is your opinion on it??

Speak soon 
L x

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