Monday, 13 July 2015

25th-29th May 2015 A Week In Photos

Hey lovelies,

I decided to do a week in photos post. 

It's just basically some pictures I took during the week. 

Just up photo Monday 25th may 2015

Marvin running about his cage 26th may 2015

Marvins original wound 27th may 2015

28th may 2015 Marvin chilling. 

Baby pickles 29th may 2015

30th may 2015 got my sunglasses on

Bought our house. So we started to decorate!!! 30th may 2015

31st May 2015 our newly moved living room. An a trouserless holly lol

What did u get up to last week?? 

Speak soon 
L x


Its a bit late I know Shhhhhhhhhh :)

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