Monday, 22 June 2015

What's In Holly's Stay Over Night Bag

Well hello lovelies,

I done a what's in my baby bag months and months ago, I would actually say probably years ago!! 

So as Holly is staying over night at her gran and granddad, I thought I would show you what's in her over night bag. 

To be honest now she's a toddler it's not that different from her day to day bag. But here goes. 

This is her bag. Olaf from primark and it was £7. 

This is pretty much the only difference from her day to day bag. This is her next day outfit. Pink zippy from next for £12
Blue tshirt from Debenhams for £6. Joggers from Asda for £8 and socks were 8 for £4 from Asda. 

We always have 3 nappies, juice extra socks, whisps toothbrushes, extra hair ties and clips, baby wipes and a sun hat. 
The nappies and wipes are from Aldi and I've never had any issues with them. The hat was from Asda for £4

She always has a set of pj's in her bag. As every other night we go to my mum and dads for dinner. So she gets her pj's on when she is there. I'm sure these were £8 from Asda. 

Always have a spare set of clothes in there. Just incase we have a leak or are very messy. Vest from next. Not sure how much the pack was. I'm sure it was £12. Trousers from m&s for £8. The long sleeved top is from Tu for £6. 

Let's not forget mousy. This is her fav teddy. 

I love watching what other people have in their bags :) 
Let me know what you think. 

Speak soon 
L x

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