Tuesday, 9 June 2015

Manuka Honey update 07.06.15

Well hello lovelies,

Today will be the second last update on Marvin. 

Here is his wound as of today 
As you can see it's almost totally closed up. There is no more gunk coming from it. I am still going to keep up with applying the Manuka honey every night. But I think it's pretty much done. 

He was back at the vet 06.06.15 and he has been signed off. They are totally happy with his wound. There is no more infection in it.

He has went from death peeking in the window and waving at him, to running around his cage like mad!!

I hope you all try Manuka honey next time one of your animals have a wound. I can assure I will be using it again next time!! 

Speak soon
L x

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