Saturday, 13 June 2015

Manuka Honey Before Use 27.05.25

Hey guys!!

I just found this in a draft!! So I know I have finished writing about Marvin. But I thought I would post this anyway instead of wasting it!!!

Speak soon

Hi loves,

This blog matches my Manuka honey on a guinea pigs wound blog

Here are the photos as promised. I know the quality isn't great. But it's hard to get a photo of his wound on my own.  

Day one before use 27.05.15
That's not maggots by the way!! It's the inside stitches that have burst open. However not that maggots would be bad. They would eat the dead tissue!! As you can see the ends of the wound is fine. Still nice and pink and the top of the wound has knitted together. But the middle and bottom is open. You can't see if very well but inside is full of grayish green puss and dead skin.  At the moment it is really hard to get out. 

I am currently washing it out with iodine and my little pig is being so good about it. He just sits there. I just hope this works for him!! 

Speak soon 
L x

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