Wednesday, 3 June 2015

Kindle Fire 7" Review

Hello my loves,

I have been reading ALOT recently and that's mostly because of my Kindle fire.
This is the black Fire HD 7" . I got it in December for my birthday as my original kindle died. 

I love kindles as I don't need to worry about losing my pages, it's light and my spine won't break. There is nothing worse than your books spine breaking. 

The kindle is also good for if your travelling or to take on your daily work commute, as you have your book with you and you can have games, as well as Netflix. Pretty much all you need when out and about. 
Here is the main menu screen. You can just flick back and forward and the apps or books spin round in a circle. 

Beelzebub is what I am reading just now. As you can see the main picture is my book then below you have suggestions. 

This is the page screen. Here you can adjust the brightness. When I'm outside its bright when I'm in the house it's usually dull. 

This device has a camera on it but I never use it. The only thing I really use this for is reading and watching Netflix when I am out or away on business. 

There are other cheaper versions out there like the Kobo touch for £80.64 I'm sure the combo is just books though.

 My he kindle 7" is £119 off of amazon but we got it in the Black Friday sale and it was only £80 from Tesco. It is wifi only and has 8GB of space. 

I don't really need anymore than 8GB as if I go over my books will just start saving to the Amazon cloud. Also I don't need anything other than wifi as I just make sure I have down loaded the books I want before I travel. 

What's reading device do you have? Or do you prefer a good old fashioned book?! 

Speak soon
L x

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