Monday, 1 June 2015

House Cleaning

Hello lovelies,

I bring to you today one of the worst things in a week! Cleaning your house!

I have a schedule I like to stick to. I hate house cleaning but once I get started I find it quite therapeutic. I love after its all finished, to just sit down in that room and look at it all nice clean and tidy. Because let's face it with a fiancĂ© and a 2 year old running about. It doesn't stay like that for long!! 

So I normally write it all in my diary. 
Monday's are just a Hoover all over and general tidy as mark and holly are both off and there is no way I would be able to clean properly.

Tuesday's are kitchen cleaning. Including hoovering and mopping the floors, cleaning the surfaces and sink, and finally once a month the fridge gets cleaned.

Wednesday's are living room cleaning days. This includes hoovering the floor, couch and chair. Hoovering and cleaning the floor in the living room and hall, dusting and tidying Holly's toys up.

Thursday are stairs, top landing and bathroom days. This includes cleaning the bath, shower, toilet and sink. Hoovering and mopping the floor. Then once a month the wall tiles.

Finally a Friday is bedroom days. These get hoovered, tidied up and dusted. 

Since we have 3 bedrooms. Each Saturday one bed gets changed and fresh sheets put on so its on rota. 

An I swear someone puts there washing in with mine as there is way too much for 3 people!! This is done mostly every night. I'd say probably 5 out of 7 days a week I have a washing to do. 

I used to do it all on a Saturday at the weekend. But since holly started Baby Ballet, I just can't fit it all in. 

When do u all do your house work? 
Speak soon 
L x

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