Sunday, 28 June 2015

Holly's Outfit Of The Day 20.06.15

Well hello lovelies,

Here is Holly's out fit today. 
Here she is wear a lovely flowery top, which she got as part of a set as a present. So I'm sorry but I'm not sure the price of this one. 
Her shorts were £9 from next this time last year!! Her skinny butt shorts are only a 1 to 1and a half years old!!
Tights were a present again so I'm not sure how much they cost of where they were from. 
Shoes are twinkle toes by sketcher at £25 I think. She is a size 7 now!!

Holly doesn't go to Baby Ballet any more as I think she is just too young. She wasn't interested anymore unless she had a toy to play with. All she wanted to do in between was go get her shoes or into her bag. So I decided to take her out. It wasn't enjoyable for her with me shouting at her and I wasn't enjoying shouting at her. 

I hope you have all had a great weekend. 

Speak soon. 
L x

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