Friday, 19 June 2015

Fathers Day Haul 2015

Hello lovelies,

Since this Sunday 21st is Father's Day. I have decided to do a little haul. Showing you all what I got Mark from the kids and what I got my dad. 

So first I will start with Mark. He is horrible to buy for. You never know what he wants. 

His favourite quote in frozen!! This is a tshirt which was £10 from Asda. 

This is his card and an iTunes voucher. 
Mark will be more than happy with his itune voucher. 

My dad who is slightly easier to buy for got 

A Perry tsum tsum £3, big tub of marshmallows £5, his card and 2 Lego figures £3.00 each

An a t shirt with the Penguins from Madagascar on it. £10 from Asda. 

What did you get your dad for Father's Day? 

Speak soon 
L x

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