Sunday, 28 June 2015

Beelzebub Book Review (Ancient Legends Book 2)

Well hello lovelies,

I have a book review for you today. It is the second in the Ancient Legends Series called Beelzebub Girl by Jayde Scott. 

I was kind of bored by this book. When I think back on it now, I liked the book but it took a while to get going and for a while I had no idea where it was going. 

It didn't really pick up till chapter 25 where I was like OMG!! Then I couldn't put it down!!

This book centres around Cassandra who you meet briefly in the first book A Job From Hell. 

Cass finds her soul mate and has to fight to keep him alive or be subject to a horrible fate. It doesn't help that her mate Dallas is mortal. 


Cass will be bound to Hell for all eternity unless she finds and marries her soul mate with whom she shares the bond. She finds that mate in a mortal named Dallas. Who just so happens to be the brother of our last main character Amber. You meet Dallas briefly in book 1. 

If Dallas dies, Cass will be subjected to a terrible fate. So she has to keep him alive at all costs. Which is hard when your the Devils daughter, he's a mortal and you have him thinking he's in and your dad "Bob" lives and runs Disneyland....

Looking back even though it was slow I did still kind of enjoy this book. I loved the relationship between Cass and Dallas even though they kept way to many secrets from each other. 

Over all I would give this another 🌟🌟🌟 3 out of 5 stars. I would recommend for a light summer read if you like vampires, ghosts and ghouls.

I like these books for my reader as they are cheap and a good read considering the price.

Let me know if you like this series. 

Speaks soon 
L x

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