Monday, 29 June 2015

Apple Watch Review

Well hello lovelies,

I got an Apple watch during the week and I want to do a first impressions for you. Then maybe in like two weeks I can do a review. 

When I first seen the Apple watch, I though why would you need to do all that with a watch. But I actually find it quite useful. 

Here is my watch at the moment 
Obviously I have Mickey Mouse on it. I hope they bring out more characters for it. Can I suggest Stitch??!

Here is the packaging 
Above is the over all box

Above is the watch in the box still with the wrapping. I think it all looks very sleek. I love the White strap for it and I know you can buy other colours if you like.
Above is the charger and plug. Basically you plug it in and the watch will sit on the silver circular part. It's magnetic so the watch will stick to it and charge. 

Her are my pros

  • It looks good. 
  • The colour of the bands can be changed. 
  • The screen is clean, bright and sensitive to touch (that does help with a touch screen object). 
  • I can keep my phone in my bag with out worrying if I will hear it ringing. 
  • I can receive email, calls, Twitter, messages and the news. 
  • It's vibrated and bings when you get a notification. 
  • I can decided if it worst getting my phone out when a notification comes in. 
  • You can ping your lost mobile as we all know how they like to get up and walk away. 
Above is Twitter

Above is my messages. 


  • It needs to be on speak when a call comes in. 
  • You can only use a pre-typed message or speak into it to reply to a text message (no good for texting the other half then hehe)
  • It is very pricey starting at £339 
  • Watch straps even though you can change them starts at £39 and up wards. 

As you can see my pros are out weighing the cons!!

At the moment I do like it. It means if I'm just running in to the shop I don't need to take my phone. 

Do I think its worth the £340 for the sports model? Yes I do. Do I the next model up is worth the £500 and odd Apple are asking for The only difference between the sports model and the next one up, is the strap. All the materials used and hardware on the watch are the same. Only the strap is magnetic.

That's my first impression on it. 

Do you have one? What's your opinion on them? 

Speak soon 
L x

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