Friday, 8 May 2015

The Gro Company Review

Well hello lovelies!!

Recently I was introduced to the Gro Company and they sell baby products.

As you all know, I have a two year old toddler called Holly and I know how hard it can be to have kids. So I love to see what different company's have to offer to make life that bit easier. 

The Gro Company do lots of good baby products. To get reviews head over to Bloglovin. Lots of mummy's and mummy's to be have done reviews on their products. Mums net review and Mummy Tips  

Their product range goes from baby sleeping bags, night lights for your ceiling or lamps, swaddling blankets, bedding, wall stickers, mobiles for cots, travel black out blind, seat harness for travelling, character gro egg shells (which are a night light and temperature gauge all in one) and the famous Gro Hush. 

I have heard lots of good things about the Gro Hush. This is a small hand sized oval baby calmer. It has 3 sounds first there is a heart beat, rain and waves. So if your baby is having one of their famous baby melt downs. Having this next to the babies head calms them right down with in seconds. Such a valuable product and it only costs £24.99. A must get in my opinion.

Another product I have heard a lot about is the Gro Clock. This helps your child to learn when to get up and when to stay in bed. The clock displays a blue star at night and a yellow sun in the morning. You can set the clock to when ever time you want your child to get up, and there are stars in the night phase so they can count down the time till morning. There is also an option of a digital clock. So it's useful to teach children digital time. This is also seen on the Saccone-Joly vlog Chanel . This retails for £29.99.

The best thing about this blog today though, is that the company recently reached out to me and gave me a 15% discount code to give you you guys!!! 
TWMGRO15 this code lasts until July 2015. So don't miss out!!

I hope you go visit the site and let me know what you all think.

You can also by the Gro Clock from Amazon!
 Speak soon L x

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