Friday, 29 May 2015

Manuka Honey Day One 28.05.15

Hello loves,

If you are squeamish don't go on. This picture is better than the last one and it's pretty gross. But I wanted to show just how bad this infection is and point out the good points of it. 

So I have applied the Manuka Honey 3 times since the last photo. 
 In my opinion the wound is better than the last photo. Yes there is still infection as you can see and that white lump is narcotic tissue which has stitches in it and has rotted. I think that is the worst thing about this photo. 

The good point are the edges of the wound are clean and pink. The last time before his second op when this happens, the skin around the sides was grey and dying. If you look inside there is pink flesh showing through. This can be seen in the top left next to the white lump. An the middle right. Also right at the bottom. Yesterday you couldn't see that. 

Before I started with the honey the wound was full of infection no clean flesh was visible. Now it looks like it is starting to empty. Every time I clean it out. Just before I apply the honey. Some more ick comes out. 

I am genuinely surprised at this honey working. 

Hopefully this will keep him going until we get the swab results back beginning of next week. 

He is still acting normal. Wrecking his cage, eating, peeing and pooing. He is also 920g and was the same weight on Tuesday when I took him to the vets. 

That can only be a good sign. 

Speak soon 
L x

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