Sunday, 31 May 2015

Insurgent Book vs Insurgent Film

Well hello lovelies,

I recently finished the Divergent Series and LOVED it!! So I thought I would compare the film and Book today. 

The film did change slightly to the book. But at the same time it kept most of the same story line and it is still all tied into the original story. 

Some of the differences that are in the book are, the message from Edith Prior is from a file which Janine knows about and is hiding. But in the film Janine doesn't know what the message is and it is inside a box which only the a divergent can open. Now this difference doesn't really matter as it still gets exposed to the full city. 

The film doesn't portray the divide between the dauntless and factionless, even though they are working together and it also doesn't go into much of Evelyn controlling the city and becoming a bit of a tyrant. So I'm not sure how that will tie in with movie 3. 

The film also didn't have the execution scene like the book. I think that was a big part of the book and the film defiantly missed out on that. Peter still rescues  Tris with the serum, which is kind of like the book. 

I did like the way in which they had Tris hooked to the computer trying to get her to open the box. I think that was a good idea. Rather than just on a table, getting injected with serum all the time. 

The film doesn't really go into Christina hating Tris that much which I was quite disappointed about as well. I liked the intensity of that part. I also missed all the arguing between Tris and Four. I think that was a major part of the book to lead into book 3 and I think that is also what makes book 3s ending so intense and sad. So it will be interesting to see what happens in film 3 with their relationship. 

The last bit I'm not sure about was at the end. In the book Evelyn stops anyone from leaving. This is why the Allegient group is formed and they send a small group outside the wall. However at the end of the film, it looked like lots of people were heading to the wall. So that will be interesting to see how that all ties in!

I have 2 scenes that I loved in the film and that was when Tris is passing Four in his room and he is pushing and banging the glass, and she is also struggling to get away. I think this is the only part of the film that you feel the intense feelings they have for each other. I don't feel that intensity coming through in the rest. 

The second scene I loved, was Peter wheeling Tris's body to let Four see and then the fight seen after it. Then Peter trying to explain what he done and to get them moving. I just love Peter lol, I think his character is great even though he's a pretty rubbish person. 

Have you watched the film and read the book? Let me know what you think. 

Speak soon 

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