Monday, 25 May 2015

Hollys Third Hair Cut

Hello lovelies,

Today is Holly's third hair cut. Here is what it looks like before.
I am going to get it bobbed to just below her shoulders, or maybe a proper bob I'm not sure yet!! You will see below what I chose. She has a double crown and makes it hard to get her hair to look nice!! An she has this frizzy bit on the right hand side. Looks like that everyday. Unless you wash it first thing. We use conditioner in it as well so I'm not sure. 

Here is the after photo!! 
The back is all squared
She can see again!! And it's straight! Haha. 

I have been trimming her hair myself. But I think now I will just be taking her every 6 weeks or so to get it tidied up. Looks so much better. 

How long to you wait between hair cuts? 
L x

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