Monday, 11 May 2015

Holly's Outfit Plan For The Week

Well hello lovelies.

On a Saturday or Sunday of every week, I like to plan out Holly's outfits for the coming days. 

When putting away clean washing, all of the clean stuff goes to the right hand side   Then when I am picking out the outfits. They all come from the left hand side!!

So here we go

Pink stripy shirt from Debenhams it was £5.00 and the blue joggers are next. They came in a set of 2 and were £8

Blue and white patterned trousers this came in a set from Asda and was £12. 
The top also was from a set from Asda and was £8

The blue floral trousers came in a set of 2 from next which were £12 
The green top with the mouse is also from next for £6

White trousers match the blue above. Set of 2 for £12
The green top is from next for £4. I'm sure that was from a sale. 

Yellow jeans from next for £16 
Light green and white dots jumper from Asda for £8 and the Orange caturday top next for £6

Doesn't anyone else do this for their partner? Lol Mark could pick her clothes out but sometimes his fashion sense it a bit wobbly shall we say. 

At least this way he can just pick from a pile lol

Speak soon 
L x

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