Friday, 8 May 2015

Holly's Accident

Well hello lovelies!!

Today I'm going to talk about this!!
Holly managed to jam her finger in the car door! This in return has turned her nail black which she will probably loose (don't know if I will cope with a bald finger!! The thought is giving me the creeps!!) and her finger was quite swollen and red looking. 

I have no idea what happens as I was at work. But I know it involved her finger and a car door. 

I was looking up online about trapped finger and oh my god! That was the worst thing I could have done. I was nearly at A&E with her!! 

The Internet goes on about releasing the pressure with a hot needle, broken fingers and even loosing them!!

However I spoke to a doctor from the health centre!! An all is fine lol. 

We watched for the swelling to get worse, tracked the redness (I drew a line where the redness stopped) and it didn't move further down her finger which was a good sign. Also it wasn't hurting her and she was still using it, which was also good!!

If the redness had moved further down her finger, it had started to hurt her or if the swelling got worse, it would have been a trip to A&E. 

However the only thing wrong with her finger now is that the full nail is purple and we just need to keep an eye on it popping off! Gross!!! 

The point of this post was to just tell you all never to google something that has happened to your child!! Also don't take advice from google. Under no circumstances should I have poked her nail with a hot needle! This could have permanent damaged the nail bed!! Best leave those decisions to the doctors. 

Best thing to do it either talk to a doctor or take them to a walk in clinic!! 

I hope you all have a great weekend. 
Speak soon 
L x

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