Saturday, 23 May 2015

Guinea With No Hernia Update 23.05.15

Well hello loves,

Where do I even start!!

Marvin went back to the vets on Friday the 22.05.12 as his wound had went a horrible grey colour and it was smelly

The vet at the time gave me three options, 1. Got to the Dick Vets in Edinburgh to see a specialist 2. Put him to sleep 3. Take him back on Saturday and see what they could do in house with the original vet. But he will probably die anyway. 

As you can imagine I was not a happy bunny!!

He was acting normal. You would not know he had something wrong with him except for when you picked him up. He was his normal self. There was no way I was putting him to sleep. 

So we went back into see the vet at 9:00am on Saturday morning and the think that because they left a hole for drainage, that he has actually been peeing through it and that it has scaled the skin. There for making it die off. 

So they took him straight back in to sort it all out. 

I got a phone call at 2pm telling me he was fine and that they had moved some muscle to make sure things were flowing in the right direction, done some inside stitches and glued the wound shut. As you know he chewed his last stitches out. 

I got him home and at the moment he is doing awesomely well!! He is peeing and pooing. He has been out of his house and has been eating veg, pellets and hay. So I am very happy with him so far. He has had all his meds and I have cleaned his wound. 

We are back at the vets Sunday 24.05.15 to get his post op check. I just hope he hasn't been chewing at his wound. 

Do any of you have any tips?

Speak soon 
L x

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