Wednesday, 20 May 2015

Guinea With A Hernia

Hello lovelies,

As you all know back in I think it was Febuary, Marvin my guinea pig went in to get neutered. 

He had a few post op checks after that and there was a small lump where he had been operated on. The vets put it down to fluid. 

In March he was back again as the lump had got bigger. They still didn't know what it was but gave him some pain killers as he hadn't quite reached his original weight, and they thought it was maybe the lump. 

However he was still acting normal. Running around, eating, drinking, squeaking and playing. It didn't seem like the lump was sore. So we decided to take him off the pain killers and see how things went. 

So up until last week he was fine. But when I came back from being away with work, It had got considerably bigger. 
As you can see there doesn't look like there's an infection as the skin is nice and pink. This is why the vets think it could possibly be a hernia. 

So he went in today 20.05.15 at 8:20am to have it removed. So it is now just a waiting game!! 

Have any of you had this problem? 
Let me know in the comments 
L x

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