Thursday, 21 May 2015

Guinea With A Hernia Update

Hello loves,

It wasn't a hernia! It was an abscess. They did say after castration that it was common to get an abscess in that area. 

The bad new is that it was connected to his stomach cavity. So most of the abscess was removed but there's a chance it could come back but in his stomach. Which be way more serious. 

I was going to get a photo of his wound for you. But he's not very happy.

He has solvable stitches in. So if all is well it should knit together perfectly!!

There is a small hole at the bottom. This is to allow drainage. When there is a cavity in the body it will naturally fill with fluid.

The fluid which leaks from the wound is a pinky colour. But don't get that mistaken with bleeding. Some people with panic at this. It does have blood in it. But he isn't bleeding.

As it is close to his genitals, I need to keep an eye on him pooing and peeing. But I'm sure he will be fine. 

He will be back for a post op check 21.05.15. 

I will update as he goes!!

Speak soon. 
L x

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