Friday, 8 May 2015

Caring For A Tortoise

Well hello lovelies,

In case you all didn't know I have a tortoise!! I have had him for 6 years. But I think he was a lot older when I got him, as he's bigger than my friends and she has had hers for 5 years from an egg!! So in all honesty. I'm not sure what age he is. 

He is a horsefield  tortoise and because I don't hibernate him, all going well he should out last me till he is about 80years old! I got him as a present for my 21st birthday! 

Tortoises are relatively easy to keep!! But I do suggest to do research in them first. 

A UVB light. The one I have is a strip bulb. 

Here we have some live lettuce from ASDA and a cucumber
I cant find this one on AMAZON but you can get this at your local reptile shop

My tortoise has his cages spot cleaned daily, and fully cleaned once a month. 
He gets fresh salad, tomatoes and cucumber daily. Baby sweetcorns as a snack once a week. Every 3 days I sprinkle his calcium over his food. 

Every 6 months I also change both lights. 
Basking spot light is £5.99 and uvb light is £15.99. Depending where you get them.

I have also constructed a run out of an old green house and some lawn edging so I can get him out in the summer months. 

There is a few things that can go wrong with them. Over weight (pyramids in the shell) and metabolic bone disorder (this is due to lack of calcium in their diet) their beak can break and crack. Parts of the beak flaking off is pretty common. You just need to watch it doesn't crack and break to far up into the face. As this can cause infection. 

This is why I recommend getting a 6month check up with any reptile. Keeps them healthy.    

I do know a little about hibernating them but I'm not going to get into that as I don't know enough that I feel it would be helpful. If you ask at your local reptile shop or Goggle it. There will be plenty of info in there. 

I let the tortoise out to run about either in the living room every night or if it's nice and I am outside, I put him in his run. 

Let me know if you have any questions :)
Speak soon
L x

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