Sunday, 24 May 2015

Book Review - Divergent Series

 Well hello my lovelies!!

I have just finished the Divergent series and I have a huge mixture of emotion swirling about just now!! 

I love all 3 story lines. The first book being my favourite and the third my least. I love the way it's written! But I just craved the first book all the way through the third. 

I will try not put out any spoilers!! But I will let you know if I do with a big SPOILER ALERT!! 

The divergent series is about a post apocalyptic world where everyone stays in a city surrounded by a wall. There are factions Which are Candour - always speaks the truth, Erudite - craves knowledge, Abnegation - selfless always helping others before themselves, Dauntless - the protesters of the city and then the Frictionless - they don't fit in anywhere!! 

Divergent is about our main character Beatrice Prior changing factions from Abnegation to dauntless. It follows her through her initiation to get into dauntless. She finds out things about herself that she needs to keep secret unless she wants to die at the hands of the Erudite and her falling in love for the first time. 

This explanation does not do this book justice!! You just need to go have a look at it. Because it is amazing!!

The second book Insurgent follows Tris again from just after the big event at the end of the first book. She is on the run with a small group of people.  She has to over come grief and guilt from loosing people she loves. She has to also over come fears with trying to fight for her life! 

Again amazing book, you really just need to have a look at it. 

The third book Allegiant is a bit different as you get both Tris's view and Tobias's view. This follows Tris from escaping the event at the end of book 2 (I don't want to give anything away lol) and into a totally new world. She has to come to terms with some truths, figure out her feelings for Tobias while still coping with grief and a lot and I mean a lot of anger this time. 

There are a few big shocks in this book!!! Stuff I didn't expect to happen. I loved this book but found myself craving how things were in book one. 


Don't read this but if you don't want the books spoilt for you. 

I don't like how it's yet another government experimenting on people. I wanted the city to just be how it was and have another shocking turn of I don't know maybe mutilated people outside the wall or diseased people or something. I just think the whole government experimenting on people is a bit redundant. I craved for the city to be just how it was and that was it. 

But I would give the first 2 books 🌟🌟🌟🌟🌟 5 starts and the third book 🌟🌟🌟🌟 4 stars. 

Do any of you know of dystopian books that a government isn't involved in??! And there is no experimenting lol let me know!!

Hope you all enjoyed speak soon 
L x

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