Friday, 1 May 2015

Book Review - Delirium Series

Well hello lovelies!!

I recently (well a few months ago now actually) read and finished the delirium series. So I thought I would do a little book review on it. 

There are 3 books in this series plus 4 short stories. The first book is Delirium , second is Pandemonium and third is Requiem . Then Raven, Alex, Hana and Annabel. 

I suggest reading the full series before the short stories. But that's totally up to yourselves. I think though the short stories can slightly give stuff away for the full stories. 

I am going to try an not give out any spoilers here. 

This is a dystopian series, set in a world where there has been a war and lots of different cities in America have been walked off from what they call the wilds. 
In between these walled off cities is the remains of the old world which is now all overgrown with trees. 

In these cities, the government has decided that love and strong emotions are a disease and have developed a procedure to remove them. 

At the age of 16, everyone has this procedure (which involves needles and your brain *shudder*). They are then matched with someone else depending on their social status. 

This story starts with the main character Lena who will be getting the procedure that year after she leaves school. The story follows her through book one of falling in love with Alex. The second book (without giving to much away) follows her through falling in love with someone else. Book 3 follows here love for two different people. 


Book1 - in short, Lena is awaiting her procedure with her best friend Hana. This is the last summer they will have to get her. During this summer Hana starts to rebel and go to after curfew parties. When Lena find out one is going to be raided she goes to warn Hana. This is when she meets her first love Alex. Alex takes Lena over the fence to see the wilds and she decides she wants to escape the procedure to get to the wilds. But during Alex and Lena escaping Hana (which you find out in the short story Hana) has told the police about it, and Alex gets caught while Lena escapes. During this book there is also a side story of Lena's mother. Who when Lena was young was taken to the crypts as the procedure didn't work on her. Lena also finds out that here mother has been able to escape and could be in the wilds with the resistance. 

Book 2 - Lena has joined the resistance and is on a mission in an American city.  This is when she meets Julian who is the poster boy for the cure program. During this book she falls in love with him and helps him escape to the wilds. However right at the end when she gets him out. Alex appears having escaped from the crypts. 

Book 3 - This is the final book of the series and the best one in my opinion. Lena finds her mother and hopes to start an relationship with her. She has conflicting feelings and has to decide who she loves, Julian or Alex. While trying to figure out her feelings and cope with finding her mother. She also has the mission to concentrate on as well as a new possible love rival and a betrail!!! I'm not going to give this ending away but I will say there is a big exciting part near the end of the book!! 

Over all I would give this series a 🌟🌟🌟🌟🌟 5 stars!! 

Lauren Oliver is an amazing writer and I can't wait to start her book panic. 

I hope this was helpful and let me know what you thought of it!!

Speak soon lovelies 

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