Sunday, 17 May 2015

Book Review - The Breeders Series

Well hello lovelies,

I though today I would do a book review in the Breeders series.      

This is another dystopian book series and it's set in a time when the world has been poisoned, and females are no longer born naturally. The only genders born now are males and bender who are a mash up of females and males. 

There are 3 books to this series. Soon to be 4 (comes out in December 15 I think). 

The first book is The Breeders. In this book our main character Riley has to escape the breeders, protect her family, rescuing her mum and auntie, deal with grief and love!! Mean while clay needs to deal with the fact someone he though was a bender is actually a female and who will he protect more, Riley his new found love or his monster mother. One of the head scientists at the breeding facility, where they are buying females to experiment on them, to get them pregnant and repopulate the world with females. 

This book is a bit slow up until cheaper 5. But let me tell you after chapter 5, there is pretty much a cliff hanger at the end of every chapter!! They are so good. Before chapter 5 it's all about setting the scene. 

Book 2. The Believers
After escaping the breeders, Riley and her group are captured and taken to a cult like group living in an old shopping mall. Not only does Riley feel she now needs to protect everyone, she has to protect her new love clay from becoming a monster, save her mother from a mutant baby and get her family out if the have any hope of survival. 

Again this book has cliff hangers at the end of every chapter and its full throttle from the very first chapter. 

The 3rd book. The Benders - Riley just never gets a break. Suffering unbelievable loss Riley and clay set out to return to to their home where clay will retake his village and save auntie. Upon arrival everything has changed. Riley's separated from her brother and clay, and taken to a work camp where the owner uses humans as sport. Will she get out alive??! Meanwhile her brother Ethan and clay are taken to a facility where human experiments on the brain is not such a far fetched idea. Will our group ever be together again?! 

This was my least favourite out of the 3 books so far. It was still packed full of action and had a great story line. I think I just missed the interaction with Riley and clay. 

Overall this is a great series. There are some short stories concerning the characters in the stories however, I haven't read those yet. This gets a 🌟🌟🌟🌟🌟 5/5 from me!! 

Hope you all enjoyed. Let me know what you think of these books. 
L x

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