Wednesday, 13 May 2015

Away With Work Day 1

Well hello lovelies,

This is my work journey 

We left at 2:30pm on Sunday 9th of May and travelled down to North Wales. I have to say though, some of the scenery is lovely. I can see why people come to Scotland for it (does that sound old lol)

We arrived at our hotel about 6:30pm and went straight to dinner. 
I had the spicy pepperoni pizza. 

Then up to my room for a sleep. 
This hotel was the St David's. I think I would probably give it a 🌟🌟 2 star rating as the room is fine. But there are always small things like mould on the bathroom ceiling, the front of the bath coming away and scratch marks in the bath or small chips. 

The wifi is terrible! I can only get it on my laptop and I don't even get a signal on my phone! So I can't phone anyone. 

Also the breakfast is terrible!! It is all over cooked and I'm sure the eggs are made with either egg powder or powdered milk. Not very nice. Considering we payed £79 for the room.

Have any of you stayed here?

Well lovelies. That was day one.
Speak soon 
L x

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