Wednesday, 29 April 2015

Holly's Lunch Prep

Well hello lovelies!!

Today I am going to do a post on how I prep Holly's lunches for when she goes to the child minders. 

Normally when I make dinners from scratch like pasta boglanase, pesto pasta, chicken curry or soup I like make a lot. That way the extras can be frozen. 

I have bought a lot of little lunch boxes for her over the last few months 
(Photo of a lunch box)
They are only £1.50 from asda and they freeze well. No issues with closing them yet. 

For example I had some peas and sweet corn left over from the night before, which I had put into a tub and refrigerated. 
I had made cheesy past that night for dinner and as usual made extra to freezer. So I added the peas and sweet corn to the pasta to freeze. 
I also made her favourite meal which is potatoes and gravy. Then added in the rest of the peas and sweet corn.
I find it makes life at night a lot easier. As its already hard enough trying to remember to get stuff organised. I have lists pinned all over the house!! 

Let me know how you meal prep for the week??!

Speak soon lovelies!! 
L x

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