Sunday, 12 April 2015

Blair Drummond Safari Park

Well hello lovelies,

As it was the Easter weekend just past. I was off for four days!! Unfortunately as I am writing this post, I am back at work! It went in way to quickly!!

As Mark works in food manufacturing he couldn't get the time off with us. But his normal days off are Sunday Monday, so on Monday when we had Harry as well. We headed to Blair Drummond Safari Park!! 

It's in Stirling and about an hour from where we live. It opens at 10am and I suggest being there for that time or like us, you get stuck in 50mins of traffic!! 

It is £14.50 per adult. £11.50 per over 3 and under 3s go free!! For your money you get a few meet the keepers. These are at certain times and the keeper will tell you all about the animals. There are also a few shows like the birds of prey, sealion and giraffes. There is a boat ride around chimp island, a petting zoo and shows for the kids, ie tea cups, bouncy castles and a small roller coaster. 

Here are some of my photos. 




There is also a restaurant and gift shops through out. The restaurant is reasonably priced. For 2 adult meals and 2 kids it worked out at £19.91. This includes juice. 

There is a variety of animals to get your picture took with. 

Then right at the end as you are driving out there is the drive through safari!! 
Here you can stop the car to get photos of the animals close up (depending on how cooperative they feel that day!!) 

In May there is also a drive through monkey world. This will be avoidable! As the last time the monkeys were in the drive through. They were notorious for jumping on cars and pulling bits off! 

Compared to some things. This is a bit pricier!! However I think if you can afford it. It's worth the money. I'm gonna be honest when I tell you that I'm not really that into these types of animal parks. I think animals should be free or in a reserve, and some of the enclosures looked small and not very enriching. However there are a lot of improvements being made. So we will see what happens. 

Hope u all had a lovely Easter weekend. 
L x

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