Monday, 2 March 2015

How To Make A Successful Blog

Well hello lovelies :)

Today I am bringing to you how to make a successful blog!! 

Now I am by no means qualified to do this post alone!! So I have linked up and got advice from some  fellow bloggers :) 

Kate thinks - Making a successful blog takes lots of patience and time. Have a look at other blogs, get ideas for content, routine and layouts. Think long and hard about your blog name. Don't pick a name which  ties you into one topic unless that's what you want. Research and pick the best blog platform for you. Two most popular Blogger or Wordpress. Find a design and layout you like, if you don't like your blog it will show and neither will your readers. 

Laura says - It's particularly hard when you have children.  For me, it was my retreat when my youngest wasn't at school, I used blogging for some me time.  I think so long as you are passionate and write posts that will spark interest in others your blog will go far.  Also being supportive of other bloggers, leaving nice comments on others blogs will help too.

Adrienne thinks - purchase a domain! Nothing more annoying than having a blog for a while and someone snaps up your domain name! Back up your site in case it's hacked or unfairly taken down. There's a step by step to do this through blogger here!! Be easy to contact ie get an email. That way you can create friendships and keep in touch with other bloggers. Get social media!! Twitter is a great way to contact other blogger, have conversations and advertise your site. Also sign up for bloglovin!!  It's a great platform for everyone to see you blog. Have a clean, tidy and easy to read layout. People are more likely to come back to your blog if they can find content easily. 

Ellie says - Be true to yourself. Don't write about something because it's popular, trendy, or everybody else is talking about it. If you're not passionate about something you post, your readers will notice. Nothing is worse than damaging the integrity of your blog and losing the trust in your readers. 

All these blogs are awesome and have lots of helpful content!! I hope you all go have a look!! 

I hope this was helpful to anyone who's reading. Let me know what you call think in the comments :) 

Speak soon 
L x


  1. Thanks for this. Very handy as I've just started my first ever blog. I'll check out your suggestions for fellow bloggers too! K x

    1. Let me know you blog page so I can have a nosey :)